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Factors of deteriorating mental health

Factors of deteriorating mental health

The individual’s social, psychological and environmental life affects negatively or positively the rate of mental health he enjoys, as the World Health Organization confirmed in its brief report on mental health the difference and diversity of factors affecting mental health, such as physical illnesses, heart diseases, depression, and unhealthy health patterns And drug and drug abuse, in addition to poverty, wars, loss of security, widespread despair, low income, widespread unemployment, violations of the rights of women and children, violent and improper family upbringing methods, etc., all of these environmental, psychological, and social factors.

Immunogenicity that deprives individuals of the enjoyment of psychological stability and mental health, and thus the prevalence and appearance of deviations, anxieties, improper behavioral patterns and many other negative effects.

Methods to enhance mental health

There are many ways and methods to enhance mental health in an individual’s life for himself and those around him, It includes, but is not limited to:

  • attention to meeting the basic biological needs of food, drink, sleep and rest.
  • Helping to form a positive image and a healthy attitude towards oneself through positive suggestions of self in all situations.

Relax as much as possible in all life situations, and avoid the sources of psychological anxiety, stress and fear.

Paying attention to overall appearance and maintaining personal hygiene and elegant and tidy appearance.

Setting a clear goal for life and the continuous and relentless pursuit of it. Healthy and violence-free family formation towards children and adolescents. Manifestations of mental health The fruits of mental health appear on the individual in all of his interactive personal and social aspects, and they were as follows:

  1. Emotional balance and maturity: where the individual is able to balance in responses and emotions towards different stimuli, and the ability to face pressures and overcome them, in addition to the ability to Expressing emotions in a clear and mature way, without exaggeration.
  2. Motivation: Motivation is the internal stimulus that drives an individual to various accomplishments and a permanent internal endeavor to direct abilities and capabilities to achieve goals.
  3. Feeling happy: It is one of the most prominent manifestations of mental health due to psychological stability, safety and internal reassurance.
  4. Psychological compatibility: It is an internal acceptance of the self, its capabilities and capabilities, and the ability to obtain the necessary degree of satisfaction for the needs in the environment and taking into account the surrounding variables.

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