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Kinds of health: Social, Physical, Mental.


Health is a state of complete recovery physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually.

Doctors have agreed that medicine is medicine: keeping health healthy and restoring health to patients with treatment and rehabilitation.

The World Health Organization has formulated its definition of health as: “complete recovery, physically, psychologically and socially, not merely the absence of disease or disability” and health has three types:

Physical Health:

It is related to the physical aspect, and in order to achieve it, we must not address what is harmful to the body, and we should avoid the habits that cause its weakness and disease.

Mental Health:

It is what relates to the mental and intellectual aspect of the human being, and it must be preserved, by avoiding everything that leads to its destruction or disruption, such as alcohol and drugs.

Good mental health is not something you possess, but it is something you do. To be mentally correct, you have to assess yourself and accept it.

This means:

● To feel the importance of yourself and to be cared for, to love yourself and not to hate it, and to take care of your physical health.

● To eat well, sleep well, keep fit, and enjoy yourself with what God has permitted you.

● To see yourself as a person of value on your own should not be a copy of anyone, but create yourself with the help of God, then do a sincere and diligent work.

● To judge yourself based on moderate standards, and not to set impossible goals for yourself, such as: “I must be excellent in everything I do.”

And then punish yourself when you do not achieve these goals!

Psychological Health:

Mental health is related to the spiritual aspect in man.

By believing in God and his piety, performing different acts of worship, and displaying virtuous morals, the true believer knows no pathology for him, because he is not afraid of disease, poverty, or calamities because he knows that the sustenance is God, and that he will only suffer from what is destined for him.

Neither mental health nor physical health can exist in isolation (a healthy mind in a healthy body, and vice versa), but rather the physical and psychological functions must depend on each other.

What is the real importance of having good health?

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