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The definition of mental health.


The human being is considered the basic building block of society and the essence of its construction, for the normal person is the source of the renaissance, thought and progress, and for the individual to perform his duties and his self and social tasks to the fullest extent he must be enjoying high mental health that is free from disturbances and problems that negatively affect his effort, giving and accomplishments, so the individual The person who suffers from a mental disorder or disorder has a negative impact on himself and others around him, so he stands in the way of his progress and achievements, so the great importance of a study of mental health that reaches the individual to harmony and social and social harmony, and the high ability to produce Goodness, happiness, and giving.

What Is mental health?

Scientists and doctors agree that physical health is the body’s safety from diseases, pain, and the integrity of the internal organs, in addition to the active functioning of vital processes and their functions, but the definition of mental health cannot be as simple as he saw Some scholars, since the meanings of the soul, its potentials, its level of safety, and its compatibility are not concrete material that can be measured, but are inferred by the external behavior of the individual, his interactions and responses, and the definitions of mental health differ in different societies and cultures and the behavioral rules that take place in them. According to different beliefs and cultures adopted by scholars, accordingly, the simple and comprehensive definition of mental health is the prevailing and continuous state of the individual in which he is stable and compatible psychologically and socially, in addition to feeling happy with the self and with others, and thus the ability to achieve and appreciate the self, And the exploitation of skills and self-efficacy to the maximum extent possible, that is, it is the positive characteristic of an individual’s behavior and attitudes towards himself and toward others, thus he is a happy, balanced and good person.

The importance of mental health

mental health has the greatest importance that accrue to the individual And society, it sows happiness, stability and integration between individuals, and it also has an important role in choosing healthy and balanced treatment methods for social problems that may affect the integrity of the psychological development process of the individual, and some of the important points of the importance of mental health can be summarized as follows:

Self-stability of the individual His life would be free from tensions, fears and a relatively permanent feeling of calm, tranquility and self-security.

Mental health creates stable and normal individuals

Whenever parents have the appropriate amount of mental health, the possibility of raising them for children with greater mental health, the psychologically stable family has cohesion, synergy, internal and external strength, and thus it increases society strength and cohesion. Mental health is effective for the individual, as it gives him the opportunity to open the horizons of himself and the ability to understand himself and others around him, and make him more able to control and control emotions, emotions and desires, and guide the behavior properly away from the improper responses.

The individual’s enjoyment of mental health makes him more able to positively deal with different problems and balance emotions when falling under different life pressures, overcome them, and bear responsibilities without escaping and withdrawing.

Mental health makes the individual compatible with himself adapted to his society, as his behavior is often healthy, likable and satisfying for those around him.

Mental health is also of great importance at the economic level and the productive areas, and achieving the principle of social development, as the individual enjoying mental health is able to bear responsibility and use his energies, capabilities and competencies to the maximum, as the integrated personality of the individual makes it more effective and productive.

Kinds of health: Social, Physical, Mental.

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