The most prominent types of skin diseases

prominent types of skin diseases

There are many diseases that affect the skin, and among these diseases are the following:

Scabies is an infectious disease, which results in blisters that cover the skin and cause severe itching, as a result of scabies flea that digs channels under the surface of the skin, and often affects the following areas:

the wrist, and what Between the fingers, genitals, armpits, and buttocks. Symptoms include itching and rash. Eczema is a seasonal disease that is produced through anaphylaxis, and this disease affects both young and old, as it appears in the form of small red spots and spots.

Hereditary causes, anxiety and sleeplessness, and insufficient exposure to the sun. Psoriasis is a chronic disease that appears in the form of large, coarse spots covered by a silver crust, and often affects the knees, scalp, elbows and elbows, and medicine does not know its cause yet.

Vitiligo, which is one of the diseases in which the skin loses its natural color, as a result of a lack or disturbance of the melanin responsible for coloring the skin, where the skin color becomes white. Initially it spreads in the form of spots and then gradually increases, and it often spreads in the areas of the face, feet, hands, and upper parts of the body, and is believed to be caused by endocrine disorders.

Acne, which is a disease caused by infections in the sebaceous glands that appear in the form of blisters or pimples, and these pills often appear on the face and back between young men and women, both in adolescence.

The causes of the disease are: severe constipation, lethargy, laziness, poor digestion, and occurrence Some disorders of the endocrine system.

Skin ulcers often affect people who are paralyzed or disabled, due to pressure on the skin and joints, and these lesions result in skin. Fat bags are caused by clogging of the ducts of the sebaceous glands, especially in the head, which results in swelling of the skin and formation of ball-shaped bags.

Burns Burns are caused either by exposure to extreme cold or high temperature from the sun or any other heat source, and result in damage to a specific area of the skin. Video Types of skin diseases The types of skin diseases differ, except that they affect many people

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